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Ultra Micro Data Center® Design

The main issue with the design of 19 inch servers is the size. Those servers have a very long depth and small height, which makes it difficult to fit high end GPU cards. A lot of the space at the end of 19-inch enclosures is wasted because of the long depth while the small height makes it hard to properly cool system components or even fit dual slot GPU cards.

Therefore, the Ultra Micro Data Center® design proposes a greatly reduced depth and a slightly increased height. The width has been made compatible with most audio visual decks to be able to use the new enclosure not only in server rooms but also in audiovisual productions environments.

Within the enclosure, the system is organized as shown on the following figure:

The enclosure measures 420mm (width) x 360mm (depth) x 64mm (height) which translates to about 9.7 liters. A typical 1U 19 inch server is about 11 liters, but only 2U servers can fit high end GPU cards. Therefore the design of the Ultra Micro Data Center® enclosure is more than twice smaller than an equivalent 19 inch server, and has a greatly reduced footprint.

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