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VR-Cloud® Android client

The Android client of the VR-Cloud® solution is similar to the PC client in many aspects and has the same features. It is free and is available on the Forum 8 homepage and on the Google Play store. There are only few differences with the PC version, mostly due to the size on the screen and the input methods. The following image shows the screen of an Android phone when the VR-Cloud® client is launched. The user can browse through available contents and when one is selected its details are displayed and the user can connect to it. The bottom part of the screen shows the current reception strength as well as the network speed and latency which is convenient for users to know the conditions in which they are accessing VR-Cloud® contents:

Just after the user connects to a client the screen shows the virtual world and the user can look and move around by sliding the screen or by using the buttons located on both sides of it, as shown on the following image:

Since many of the Android devices have a too small screen to display the navigate, participate and configure buttons like in the PC version of the VR-Cloud® client, users must first press the menu button, which shows the main menu as displayed on the following image:

The participate, navigate and configure menus can be accessed from this main menu. For example, the navigate menu is shown on the following image. Please note that specific features, such as GPS, have been added to the Android version of the VR-Cloud® client:

Many parts have the same functionality as in the PC version of the VR-Cloud® client but the user interface had to be adapted to look streamlined with the Android user interface. As an example, the following image shows a discussion from the discussion forum:

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