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3D virtual reality contents and simulations made easily accessible by anyone on the cloud at anytime and from anywhere.

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VR-Cloud® is a software solution that allows people to access 3D virtual reality contents and simulations on the Internet. Users do not need to have any particular skill or to own expensive hardware to access such contents. Both PCs and Android devices are supported.

3D virtual reality is a very effective way to explain projects, to run and display simulations or to just visualize proposals before things are being done for real. Its potential is huge and cover many subjects such as civil engineering, city and landscape design as well as traffic and emergency simulations.

While having a huge potential and being developed for many years, 3D virtual reality solutions are still not being used on a daily basis by the general public. The VR-Cloud® solution aims at changing that by solving the two major problems 3D virtual reality solutions suffer from: the cost of access to the contents and the skill required to fully interact with virtual worlds.

Classic 3D virtual reality solutions are based on the fact that the user access virtual reality contents from a machine that is fast enough to manage the virtual world and render the 3D scene in real time, which is generally not the case of the general public. Therefore, the VR-Cloud® solution performs those two steps on a server and only streams the resulting image to the client. With this approach any machine or device that can be used to watch streaming video on the web can also access 3D virtual reality contents.

The second issue with classic 3D virtual reality solutions is the skill required to fully interact with the virtual world. The VR-Cloud® solution displays a very intuitive interface to the user and perfectly matches the ease of use of widely used systems such as Android phones. This ease of use has also been applied to the PC version so any user can use 3D virtual reality contents easily and efficiently.

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