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VR-Cloud® PC client

The PC client of the VR-Cloud® solution is a small software that is downloadable for free from the Forum 8 homepage. It allows anyone to connect to a VR-Cloud® server and access and interact with virtual worlds. It is very intuitive to use and can run even on slow and old computers so anyone using a PC can access virtual reality contents on the cloud.

Users can connect in many ways to a VR-Cloud® server: by launching the client and choosing one of the available contents published either by Forum 8 or third party companies, by simply clicking a link on a website that links to VR-Cloud® contents or by manually input an URL form within the client. The following image shows the menu that shows the list of available contents published by Forum 8 (September 2012):

Just after connecting to the VR-Cloud® server the virtual world the interface looks like the following image. Users can instantly move and look around in the virtual world by dragging the mouse and/or use the buttons displayed on the bottom part of the screen:

Since we wanted to provide a very easy to understand interactivity we included an inline help that can be toggled on or off at any time using the question mark button on the top right of the screen. When users toggle the online help the screen changes to the following:

On the top of the screen three buttons are provided: Navigate, Participate and Configure. After pressing the navigate button the navigation menu is shows and users can perform various actions in the virtual world: change the camera position, travel of a road, fly on a flypath, drive, walk or execute a script. The navigation menu is shown on the following image:

After pressing the participate button a menu is shown that allow users to create and reply to discussions topics and make annotations at any place within the virtual world. The participate menu is shown on the following image:

As an example, the following image shows a discussion where users can talk to each other's (it is of course also possible to create new discussions at any point in the virtual world):

The following image shows the annotation editor. In this particular example, the user has quickly drawn the location of a new building in the virtual world, which is efficient to quickly explain designs and ideas; and even discuss about it if this feature is used with the discussion forums:

Finally the configure button is used to open the configuration menu where various simulation settings can be changed. it is possible to toggle the traffic or the environment (wind and time), to choose a set of models to display and to run simulation scenarios. Other settings are provided for the user to change, for example, the language of the application. The configure menu is shown on the following image:

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