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On the server side of the VR-Cloud® solution UC-win/Road is used with some additional plugins. UC-win/Road is a real time 3D virtual reality visualization and simulation software that has been developed by Forum 8 for more than 10 years. It has won several awards on virtual reality and simulation and is a time proven efficient solution to simulate and display virtual worlds in real time, as well as to visualize results of simulation that have been carried out on other software (traffic simulations, emergency simulations and others).

Creating a virtual world in UC-win/Road is quite easy. At first some terrain data is loaded (UC-win/Road supports most terrain data formats allowing the representation of any area of the earth). Once the terrain is loaded it is possible to create roads and railways very easily as well as to add many models like buildings, trees or any other type of model that will make the virtual world realistic. Once the virtual world is created it is possible to configure the simulation by defining traffic on roads, by adding pedestrians and many other features that are not fixed in the virtual world but will evolve through time.

UC-win/Road has a flexible architecture and many plugins are provided by Forum 8 to simulate things that are not part of the core of UC-win/Road. Forum 8 also provides an SDK and many users developed their own plugins to be able to display and simulate various types of objects in the virtual world managed by UC-win/Road.

UC-win/Road by itself is a standalone desktop application but because it supports plugins we could relatively easily add a server that is used to communicate with clients. The settings of the server have been kept simple while allowing many configurations and are accessible directly within the UC-win/Road application. We also added a collaborative plugin to manages geolocalized discussion forums and annotations which allows users not only to access and interact with virtual worlds but also to communicate between themselves.

The discussion forum is just like any discussion forum on the internet: people can create topics and reply to others' topics but the difference is that all these topics are displayed directly inside the virtual world. This feature is very useful for users to share their point of view on a specific area of the virtual world (for example, if the virtual world is showing a simulation of how a city block would look like after renovation users can easily discuss and say if they like it or even give suggestions to make the design better). The annotation feature allows one user to graphically express his/her ideas about one place in the virtual world by creating shapes and text similarly and actually more extensively than in Microsoft Powerpoint. The difference is that instead of having a blank background, the image of the virtual world at that position is used (using the same example as before, it would be very easy for users to quickly draw, on top of a street of the virtual world, where they which parking spots to be built). For more understanding of the collaborative features, please refer to the PC and Android client page on this web site.

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